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By , June 17, 2010 11:22 am

Searching for Larger or Unusual Sized Pillow Cases

We are always getting contacted by customers who have bought some new Pillows in a larger than normal or  a continental size and then find that they can’t find pillowcases to match.

Pillow Cases in the UK and US

The UK standard Pillow Case is 50 x 75cm or 19″x 29″.Widely used in the UK and the US this is fine on a Standard single or Double Bed but is really too small on a UK King, Euro King or US Queen bed or larger.
The ideal pillow case for the larger bed is a King or Waterbed Pillow Case as it is sometimes known. This is 50 x 91cm or 19″ x 36″.

A new shape pillow which has been designed for support to the head whilst sleeping – The Contour – is yet another size at 41 x 20cm  or 16″ x 23″.

Pillow Cases in Europe

There are four main sized Pillow Cases widely used in Continental Europe. They are  65 x 65cm, 65 x 100cm, 40 x 80cm and 80 x 80cm. The most popular really does vary from Country to country with 80 x 80cm the norm in Germany and 65 x 65cm in France

Pillow Cases Worldwide

Around the world many of the Pillow Cases Sizes mentioned are in common use. Not surprizingly it rather mirrors the old empires as to which pillows and so pillowcases are in common use in each country.

Between the Sheets make Pillow Cases for all Pillow Sizes

In this Globalised world it is surprizingly difficult to find pillow cases for your pillows if they are not common in your country. Happily at Between the Sheets we manufacture and stock all the Pillow Case sizes mentioned and if your pillow case or bolster is an an unusual size  we can make for those too.

We can even supply rounded corner pillow cases for round beds!

You can find all the pillow cases described in this blog by Clicking Here


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