How to care for Latex Bed Sheets

By , May 18, 2012 9:45 am

Care of Latex sheets

Our products are made from the finest quality Latex Sheeting. Latex is a natural product, please follow the instructions below to keep the sheets in good condition. Mineral oils and solvents destroy latex, such as hand creams, oils and even leather goods (the leather  contains natural oils). Use only water-based lubricants/massage oils .
Washing/Cleaning In normal use wipe over the sheets whilst on the bed using warm water with a few drops of antibacterial soap. No detergents  For thorough cleaning

1. Hand Wash in warm water with a little soap based cleaner e.g. Fairy Liquid, Gum>ol, or baby shampoo. DO NOT USE DETERGENTS

2. Dry Flat. Dust lightly with talcum powder which gives a dull finish.

To achieve a more shiny finish, we recommend

a. Latex Cleaner/Polish , antibacterial.  Available from us. 500ml £ 7.80 + VAT if applicable

b. Silicon based super shine VIVISHINE from ebay @ approx 14 GBP

Polish gently with a very soft cloth, small areas at a time. Do not let polish sit on latex for more than 10 seconds before wiping off.

We prefer not to use of Silicon Spray polish it can leave the sheets with a sticky finish.

3. Do not tumble dry, bleach, iron or dry clean.

General care : Recommendations      Latex rubber can discolour and eventually perish with prolonged exposed to heat, sunlight, and light with a high U V content.

We recommend a light dusting with talcum powder before storage in a dark place.

Do not leave latex on or near radiators, do not keep in damp conditions.

Keep sharp objects away, even finger nails. Latex is flammable !

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