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Valances – Selecting the Correct Valance

By , June 21, 2010 2:41 pm

Choosing the correct valance for your bed.

A valance is the perfect way to  finish dressing your bed. There are four main types of Valance and choosing the correct valance for your type of bed is important. We have listed the four valance types below along with some pictures to clearly illustrate the differences. If you have any more queastions just click here to go to our site.

Hook and Loop Valance

 Hook and loop (Velcro style) Valances are ideal for wooden beds and other frame beds.  Hook and loop is supplied to stick to the underside of the bed frame and the valance has Hook and loop attached and simply attach to the frame.

Velcro Valance for Frame Beds

Platform Valance

Perfect for divan beds. Valances can be simply laid over the bed base beneath the mattress. These platform Valances always drape beautifully and remain firmly in place.

Platform Valance or Divan Bed

Split Corner Valance

The perfect valance for metal framed beds and four posters.

Split Corner Valance

Collar Valance

The Collar valance simply tucks between the mattress and the bed base. Ideal for those with a heavier mattress.

Collar Valance


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