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New Sit and Slide Sheet Video

By , March 24, 2014 11:16 am

We have a brand new video showing our Secure Sit and Slide Fitted Sheet and how it helps both moving in bed and safe sitting and moving in and out of bed more safely.

Ideal for all types of bed including adjustable and profiling mattresses.
Most suitable for a person who requires maximum slide whilst turning in bed and extra stability whilst seated on the side of the bed.
The sheet has a special grip fabric at the sides for secure sitting on the edge of the bed and at the foot end , for feet to push against to assist turning in bed.

  • Easy to understand and fit
  • Low friction ultra smooth satin, reduces friction for maximum slide and ease of movement in bed
  • Hands can use the grip fabric sides of the sheet to support and stabilise when getting in and out of bed
  • Secure sitting either side of the bed – aids fall prevention.
  • Firm fit to the mattress, will not come un-tucked through the night
  • Available for all mattress sizes

  Easy care 70% polyester 30% cotton. Machine wash between 40°C – 90°C   Quick to dry and no need to iron.

Secure Sit and Slide Video



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