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Bed Linen for very large and unusual beds

By , December 16, 2010 12:17 pm

Very Large Beds are increasingly popular

Very large beds are becoming more and more popular worldwide with Californian Kings, Emperor Size and even larger sizes. Bed mattresses are getting deeper and deeper and more round and shaped beds are being sold than ever before.

But how do I find Bed Linen to Fit?

Unfortunately it is very difficult to find bed linen to  fit larger beds. Most retailers only stock standard items and cannot get bed linen to fit larger beds . The answer is to buy your bed linen direct from a manufacturer. A quality bed linen manufacturer has the ability to provide a custom service so, whatever size or shape they can supply bed linen that will fit properly.

Get Bed Linen for any Size or Shape of Bed Here

To get Exclusive, Luxury Bed Linen for the Larger Bed including UK Super King, Euro Super King, Water Beds, US Eastern King, US Californian King, Round Beds, Emperor Beds, Giant Beds, Antique Beds, Custom Beds and Bed Linen for Yachts take a look at this site. Between the Sheets are based in the UK and  stock larger bed sizes as standard. They also offer a custom service.    Click Here to View


Bed Linen for Round Beds

By , June 23, 2010 8:41 am

Round Bed Linen is hard to find

In recent years  Round Beds have been gaining in popularity as people look for that special look for their bedroom. Many bed companies worldwide have introduced their take on the round bed. Even Ikea began selling a version – since discontinued . The problem that proud owners of new round beds soon found however was that bed linen for round beds is virtually unobtainable. High Street stores completely fail to stock bed linen for round beds and very few companies offer bed linen for round beds even online.

A unique range of Round Bed Linen

Between the Sheets are delighted to offer a unique range of Duvets, Pillows,  Duvet Covers and Bed linen in our exotic fabrics specifically designed to enhance your Round bed. All the Round bed linen has been cleverly designed specifically for round beds ensuring sleeping comfort. 
This hard to find bed linen is exclusive to Between the Sheets. We manufacture our unique range of bedding  for Round Beds in the UK and produce bed linen for any size of round bed with any mattress depth.

Bed Linen to fit your bed correctly

Between the Sheets Fitted sheets are elasticated all the way round.  Duvet covers and Pillow cases are designed with special rounded corners to properly   fit your round bed.

For more information on Round bed Linen Please Click Here


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