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Silk Or Satin Pillow Cases For Preventing Face Creases

By , November 10, 2016 11:56 am

How To Prevent Face Creasing

This is such a simple solution to the dreaded face crease. A silk or satin pillow case is the perfect solution if you’re waking up with deep creases on your face. If you’re over forty you’ll find they can be hanging around for the rest of the day! The elasticity in our skin decreases as we age. Whereas when we were in our twenties or thirties even, a crease in the morning would be gone in an hour or so, now we have no such luck!

how to prevent morning face creases

So how can a pillow case effect our skin in a positive way?

Satin and silk do not cause face creasing as the fabric is so smooth and slippery, making it perfect if you are finding creasing an issue. Unlike cotton, your face won’t scrunch up, and it won’t crease. That’s the theory and it’s a sound one as it goes. Satin and silk also contain natural proteins that are good for the skin and hair. Although these pillow cases will set you a back a little, it really is a sound investment in beauty. The quality of these beautiful pillow cases means they’ll last and last. Make sure you look after them though. Wash them at a suitable temperature.

There are of course many other ways to help prevent wrinkles as well as creasing although they don’t work for everyone. A pillow case is the perfect solution. Not only does it prevent face creasing, it also helps to stave off wrinkles in general as the more you age, the more likely those creases are to become permanent fixtures.

pillow cases to stop wrinkles

Sleep On Your Back To Prevent Ageing

Another great tip is simply to sleep on your back. This is not the easiest habit to get into but it is a solution. If you practise this each night then eventually it will be a comfortable position for you. The worst position is on your front with your face squished onto your pillow. Not only does this promote face creasing, it can also damage your neck.

Anti Ageing Creams And Serums

Some of these are better than others. The thing is that when you have a deep crease there isn’t much to be done, however good the product claims to be. A great tip for preventing lines in the first place is simply to apply some vaseline. Dab a small bit onto the area you’re trying to save and leave it there over night. So simple and so cost effective! As we get older we tend to start believing all of the outrageous anti-ageing claims made by some beauty companies. It’s like we are clutching at straws hoping that the next thing really is the magic potion we’ve been hoping for when really a tub of Nivea would probably work just as well!

Prevention Rather Than Cure

So when it comes down to it, it’s better to stop the creases from forming in the first place. Using a satin pillow case comes with a small upfront cost but once you have it we wager you won’t go back.

Collagen is not so abundant as we age and the lack of this is what causes our skin to lose it’s tone and elasticity. If we can hold off the lines for a while longer then let’s look at proven ways of doing just that.

Satin Pillow Cases

Silk Pillow Cases 

Available from Between The 



Finding Large Pillow Cases and Unusual Size Pillow Cases

By , February 7, 2011 12:35 pm

Finding Pillow Cases for any Pillows other than the standard size can be very difficult. Normal High Street stores only keep the standard size. Here is a list of the sizes of Pillows that are now quite commonly found in the UK

Standard Pillow –  Pillow Case 49 x 74cm (18″ x 29″)
King Pillow Pillow –  Case 50 x 91cm   (19″ x 36″)
often called Waterbed Pillow Cases
Contour Pillow –  Pillow Case 41 x 58cm   (16″ x 23″)

Euro Pillows
Euro  Pillow Case 65 x 65cm (25″ x 25″)
Euro Pillow Case 80cm x 80cm (31″ x 31″)
Euro Pillow Case 40 x 80cm (16″ x 31″)
Euro Pillow Case 65 x 100 (25″ x 39″)

As well as these sizes which are standard UK and European Pillow Cases sizes there are some unusual shaped pillow cases and some extra large Bolster type Pillows.

To find a company that manufactures all of these Pillow Cases and that can make custom pillow cases if necessary Please Click Here


Satin Pillowcases Standard

By , September 8, 2010 10:50 am

Satin Pillow Cases

When choosing Satin Pillowcases you have a choice of many sizes. If you are looking for standard  pillowcases the size you are looking for is 49 x 74cm or 19″ x 29″ . Normally standard pillowcases  are made with a flap inside to prevent the pillow sliding out in use.  A standard pillowcase is also known as a housewife pillowcase.

For more information on Satin Pillowcases –  Please Click Here


Satin Pillowcases for Wrinkles

By , September 7, 2010 3:02 pm

It is true! Satin Pillow cases will help prevent the formation of Wrinkles. This is because unlike cotton based fabrics Satin is woven to have a smooth and shiny surface. Cotton clings and pulls on the delicate face muscles while you sleep  whereas Satin allows the skin to slide easily over the fabric during the night.

There are two main types of Satin available, Poly Satin and Pure Mulberry Silk Satin . Satin is the term for the fabric weave.

The first choice to keep those wrinkles at bay  would be The Pure Mulberry Silk Satin Pillowcase. Silk is a pure natural fabric . It is soft and gentle on the skin. Silk Pillowcases have long been used to preserve the youthful appearance of skin. Silk is Hypo-allergenic and many people find they sleep better and awake looking more rested.

But beware of shops and suppliers who say that Silk pillowcases can make wrinkles go away. They won’t!

For more information on Silk Satin Pillowcases Just Click Here


Satin Pillowcases King

By , September 7, 2010 2:45 pm

If you are looking for Pillowcases to fit your King size or Superking bed then you should really consider buying King Size Pillow Cases. These wil also be most suitable for Queen and King Waterbeds.

For these larger beds the King Size Pillow case at 50 cm  x 91cm is a much better fit than a Standard Pillow Case.  Standard Pillow Cases are 49 x 74cm. When they are placed on a larger bed they do not reach right across and there is a gap between the pillowcases. By using King Pillow cases the Pillows fit across the bed leaving a much tidier look.

King Pillow cases can be  bought from all good bedding shops . However King Pillow cases  are harder to  find . Click Here  to find them in Satin and in a whole range of colours and fabrics


Pillow Cases – all the Sizes Available Worldwide

By , June 17, 2010 11:22 am

Searching for Larger or Unusual Sized Pillow Cases

We are always getting contacted by customers who have bought some new Pillows in a larger than normal or  a continental size and then find that they can’t find pillowcases to match.

Pillow Cases in the UK and US

The UK standard Pillow Case is 50 x 75cm or 19″x 29″.Widely used in the UK and the US this is fine on a Standard single or Double Bed but is really too small on a UK King, Euro King or US Queen bed or larger.
The ideal pillow case for the larger bed is a King or Waterbed Pillow Case as it is sometimes known. This is 50 x 91cm or 19″ x 36″.

A new shape pillow which has been designed for support to the head whilst sleeping – The Contour – is yet another size at 41 x 20cm  or 16″ x 23″.

Pillow Cases in Europe

There are four main sized Pillow Cases widely used in Continental Europe. They are  65 x 65cm, 65 x 100cm, 40 x 80cm and 80 x 80cm. The most popular really does vary from Country to country with 80 x 80cm the norm in Germany and 65 x 65cm in France

Pillow Cases Worldwide

Around the world many of the Pillow Cases Sizes mentioned are in common use. Not surprizingly it rather mirrors the old empires as to which pillows and so pillowcases are in common use in each country.

Between the Sheets make Pillow Cases for all Pillow Sizes

In this Globalised world it is surprizingly difficult to find pillow cases for your pillows if they are not common in your country. Happily at Between the Sheets we manufacture and stock all the Pillow Case sizes mentioned and if your pillow case or bolster is an an unusual size  we can make for those too.

We can even supply rounded corner pillow cases for round beds!

You can find all the pillow cases described in this blog by Clicking Here


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