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How to make it easier to turn in bed

By , January 27, 2016 12:17 pm

Make turning in bed much easier with the Easy Move range of bed linen

If you have problems turning over in bed for whatever reason we have a  range of solutions which many people are finding helps a great deal.

There are many causes of low mobility in bed. Medical conditions such as Parkinsons, Arthritis, Motor Neurone, Stroke and other situations  – such as  joint replacement and post operative recovery. We have a range of three simple, yet effective solutions for you. The Easy Slide, the Easy Turn and Secure Sit & Slide Sheets.

If repositioning or turning in bed causes difficulties for you our specially designed low friction fitted bed sheets will enable you to move more freely and maintain or even regain independence of movement in bed.

We offer three styles of fitted sheet – The Easy Slide Sheet – a fitted sheet in low-friction Satin.  The Easy-Turn fitted sheet , all the benefits of the Easy Slide with a special grip fabric at the foot end of the bed. The secure Sit and Slide fitted sheet combining a low friction panel with grip fabric at the food and sides of the bed.

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Emsec Easy Move Sheets to Exhibit at Trade Days Exhibition in October

By , July 28, 2014 12:42 pm

The Emsec Easy Move Sheets range  will be exhibiting at the “Trade Days” exhibition to bed held on 5th and 6th October at the NEC Birmingham.

The Trade Days show is a new show  for businesses who retail, wholesale, manufacture or supply products for the mobility, independent living and assistive technology market.

The Emsec Range includes three sheets designed to assist all those who, for whatever reason have difficulty moving and repositioning in bed and who live independently.

The Easy Slide, Easy Turn and Secure Sit and Slide Sheets all have the benefit of low friction Satin for easy moving and turning with the Easy Turn and Secure Sit and Slide  sheets having panels of special grip fabric for increased stability in use.

Come and visit to see how these sheet can  give you independence in bed.



New Sit and Slide Sheet Video

By , March 24, 2014 11:16 am

We have a brand new video showing our Secure Sit and Slide Fitted Sheet and how it helps both moving in bed and safe sitting and moving in and out of bed more safely.

Ideal for all types of bed including adjustable and profiling mattresses.
Most suitable for a person who requires maximum slide whilst turning in bed and extra stability whilst seated on the side of the bed.
The sheet has a special grip fabric at the sides for secure sitting on the edge of the bed and at the foot end , for feet to push against to assist turning in bed.

  • Easy to understand and fit
  • Low friction ultra smooth satin, reduces friction for maximum slide and ease of movement in bed
  • Hands can use the grip fabric sides of the sheet to support and stabilise when getting in and out of bed
  • Secure sitting either side of the bed – aids fall prevention.
  • Firm fit to the mattress, will not come un-tucked through the night
  • Available for all mattress sizes

  Easy care 70% polyester 30% cotton. Machine wash between 40°C – 90°C   Quick to dry and no need to iron.

Secure Sit and Slide Video



Regain your independence in Bed, turn more easily with a Secure Sit and Slide Sheet

By , March 4, 2013 2:28 pm

Secure Sit and Slide Sheet

Give yourself independent movement in bed once again with a Secure Sit and Slide Sheet you can move more easily in bed and get in and out of bed safely and easily.

This is a fitted sheet with a centre panel of low friction, ultra smooth , satin fabric for maximum slide and ease of movement in bed.

The Secure Sit and Slide Sheet has special grip fabric at the sides for secure sitting on the edge of the bed and also at the foot end  – for feet to push against to assist turning in bed.

  • Easy to understand and fit
  • Secure sitting both sides of the bed
  • Firm fit to the mattress, will  not come un-tucked through the night
  • Available for all mattress sizes
  • Easy Care
  • 70% Polyester 30% Cotton
  • Machine wash 40C , quick to dry and no need to iron

For lots more information on the Secure Sit and Slide Sheet Click Here



Secure Sit and Slide Sheet
Secure Sit and Slide Sheet

Check out more about this great aid to independence in bed.




EasySlide Spannbettlaken

By , February 27, 2013 3:17 pm

Unterstüzen die Mobilität im Bett

Schwierigkeiten beim Umdrehen im Bett?

… das richtige Bettlaken kann alles ändern

Am besten geeignet für Leute mit reduzierter Körper- und Beinkraft

Traditionelle Baumwolllaken können zerren und an Kleidung ziehen und erschweren es, sich im Bett zu bewegen und umzudrehen. Der extraglatte glänzende reibungsarme Satin-Stoff ermöglicht mehr Bewegung mit weniger Aufwand. Bequem und atmungsaktiv – jeder kann diese Laken genießen, nicht nur die, die nach einer erhöhten Mobilität im Bett suchen.

Leichte Bewegung   Die extraglatte glänzende Oberfläche der Satinbindung ermöglicht 60% mehr Bewegung als Stoff aus Baumwolle-Polyester.

Elastisch   Easy Slide und Easy Turn Laken sind rundum elastisch, so dass sie straff auf dem Bett bleiben.

Pflegeleicht  Maschinenwäsche bei 40?C, schnell trocken und bügelfrei.

Leicht beziehbar  Unsere Laken sind für alle Matratzengrößen, einschließlich extra tief, Memory-Schaum, verstellbar und Krankenbetten.

Mit den Pastel- und kräftigen Farbkombinationen passed zu Ihrer vorhandenen Bettwäsche sind unsere EasySlide Spannbettlaken für jung und alt geeignet.

Erhältlich in lila, weiß, sand, pink, gold, hellblau, warmes Elfenbein und  burgunderrot.

Easy Move Sheets Klicken Sie bitte hier


The Easy Slide Fitted Sheet , assisting movement in bed

By , February 11, 2013 3:14 pm

Easy Slide Fitted Sheet

Best for those with reduced body and leg strength.

Traditional cotton sheets can drag and pull at clothing, making it difficult to move and change position whilst in bed. The ultra smooth shiny, low-friction satin fabric allows more movement with less effort. Comfortable and breathable, these sheets can be enjoyed by everyone, not just those who are looking for increased mobility in bed.

Ease of movement The ultra smooth shiny surface of the satin weave allows 60% more slide than poly cotton fabric.

Elasticated Easy Slide and Easy Turn sheets are elasticated all round so the sheet stays firmly on the bed.

Easy Care Machine wash 40oc, quick to dry and no need to iron.

Easy fit We make for all size mattresses including extra deep, memory foam, adjustable and for hospital beds.

With pastel and vibrant colourways to complement your existing bedding, our EasySlide range of fitted sheets are suitable for young and old alike.


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Parkinsons. Move more easily in bed

By , June 14, 2012 9:06 am

Recover your independence with a simple solution if you have difficulty moving in bed. With the ‘Easy Slide’ fitted sheet will enable you to move more freely in bed.

The Easy Slide sheet is made from ultra smooth , shiny, soft satin weave fabric that greatly aids mobility and independance in bed . Get Maximum Slide with Minimum effort. Comfortable to cleep on and easy care.

People experiencing the following conditions report increased mobility independence in bed.

Parkinson’s disease, Arthritis, Motor Neurone Disease, Stroke, Back Pain, Joint Replacement

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