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Leather Bed Sheets and Duvet Covers in 100% Soft Italian Leather

By , January 4, 2013 12:33 pm

If you are a big fan of Leather clothing you might have thought what it would be like to sleep on and between leather sheets.

Now you can sleep in beautiful soft Leather bed Linen. Handcrafted in the UK from the highest quality Italian leather with that great leather odour.

The finest leather bed linen is hand made with strong flat seams that are  comfortable to sleep on and are both elegant and comfortable. We designed to use the leather bedding to use the largest sizes of hide possible, minimising seams and avoiding the “patch work ” look often find in cheap imitations.

Leather Duvet Covers

Good quality leather duvets are lined in a satin material to protect your duvet and contain  a special pocket made in the lining of the duvet cover to keep the duvet hidden inside and strong metal snap fastners close the cover at base of the duvet cover.

 Fitted Leather Sheets

Should  be crafted with tailored corners and 2 independent cords with toggles, which tighten to the mattress. Fitted sheets  made with two or four large hides joined with strong thread ,seams and  flattened and strengthened with black cotton tape from behind and top stitched.

Each sheet should be lined with  Cotton to give added strength, to protect your mattress and to prevent the fitted sheet sliding on the bed.  Fitted sheets can be custom made to fit any size or shape of bed.

Flat Leather Sheets / Throws

Can be used as a throw for a settee or as a full body wrap, as well as a top sheet for your bed or as a black leather bedspreads. The Leather flat sheets  are  made from 2 or 4 large hides joined with strong thread. These sheets are lined with Cotton and have fully tailored edges.

Leather Pillow Cases

These are made in the traditional style with a flap to completely enclose the pillow. They are lined with poly-satin.


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Where to find Leather Sheets?

By , July 6, 2012 10:55 am

Many people love the feel and smell of Real Leather. For  many the ultimate sleeping experience would be to sleep in Real Leather Sheets.

But if you start looking around to find your dream set of Leather Sheets you will find that there are very few places where you can buy leather sheets and leather bedding. Take great care in selecting a supplyer. Many seemingly good quality leather sheets are made with poor quality leather such as goat leather. This may appear to be cheap  but you will find the leather will be thin, have many seams and even smell quite unpleasant.

The finest Leather sheets are made from the finest Italian Leather. The leather is carefully selected from the largest , undamaged cow hides. This enables the number of seams to be kept to an absolute minimum and create the finest bed linen available worldwide.

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Leather Bed Sheets and Bed Linen

By , June 24, 2010 9:39 am

Where can you find Handcrafted Leather Bed Linen?

If you are searching for Leather Bed Linen you will find that there are very few places in the world where you can buy them.

Beware of Goat or Deer Leather

You  may find some offers of Leather Sheets made from a patchwork of small goat or deer hides. Both of these Leathers are too lightweight, small and thin to make a bed linen which will wear well and create a comfortable, flat sleeping surface. Such small skins require  a large number of seams which can be lumpy and uncomfortable to sleep on. We only manufacture from the very largest cow hides . Minimising seams.

Finest quality Leather , Hand crafted for a perfect fit

If you want to find Leather Fitted sheets, Leather Flat Sheets, Leather Duvet Covers and Leather  Pillow Cases in the finest soft Italian Leather with that fabulous smell of real Leather  you will find only one company worldwide who can offer you such a range.  Better still each piece of bed linen is made to your exact specifications so that you can be assured that your Leather Bed Linen will be a perfect fit.

Only the Finest Italian Leather

Between the Sheets have created a unique range of Leather Bed Linen which is unsurpassed. Made from the very finest Italian Leather selected by our leather experts for Softness, Smoothness, Size.  By carefully selecting only the largest hides available we keep seams to an absolute minimum. Moreover any seams are beautifully hand crafted to be extremely flat and smooth for maximum comfort.

Between the Sheets create bed linen for any size and shape of  bed and in a stunning range of colours for custom orders. To look at more information on this unique range Please Click Here

Leather Bed Sheets

Handcrafted Leather Bed Linen


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