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How to get made to measure bed linen

By , January 27, 2016 2:38 pm

Custom Sizes

Many people find it very difficult to find bed linen for unusual size or shape beds

Here at Between the Sheets we can offer the ability to create Bespoke  Made to Measure Bed Linen for all your design requirements.

That means that whatever the size and shape of your bed we can make bed linen for you which will be a perfect fit. We have helped countless customers with bed linen for over-sized beds and under sized beds , Antique beds, Round Beds  and of course very hard to find custom bed linen for Yachts.

With our own design team and our highly skilled team of seamstresses we can confidently rise to any challenge that our customers set us.

 We are always available to talk on the phone during normal working hours  on 00 44 (0)1380739234. Or you can email our in-house bedding expert Jane Allen on



Extra Large Bed Linen for Large Beds

By , July 27, 2011 10:16 am

Extra Large Beds need Extra Large Bed Linen

Very large beds are becoming more and more popular worldwide with Californian Kings, Emperor Size and even larger sizes. Bed mattresses are getting deeper and deeper and more round and shaped beds are being sold than ever before.

But how do I find Bed Linen to Fit?

Unfortunately it is very difficult to find bed linen to  fit larger beds. Most retailers only stock standard items and cannot get bed linen to fit larger beds . The answer is to buy your bed linen direct from a manufacturer. A quality bed linen manufacturer has the ability to provide a custom service so, whatever size or shape they can supply bed linen that will fit properly.

Get Bed Linen for any Size or Shape of Bed Here

To get Exclusive, Luxury Bed Linen for the Larger Bed including UK Super King, Euro Super King, Water Beds, US Eastern King, US Californian King, Round Beds, Emperor Beds, Giant Beds, Antique Beds, Custom Beds and Bed Linen for Yachts take a look at this site. Between the Sheets are based in the UK and  stock larger bed sizes as standard. They also offer a custom service.    Click Here to View


Bed Sheets for Large Beds

By , November 16, 2010 11:00 am

Many beds made now are much larger than conventional sized beds . Add to that extra deep mattresses and if you are the owner of a brand new bed you will find it difficult to find bed linen to fit.

Many retailers of Bed Linen both in the High Street and on line only stock Bed Linen for standard sizes. Only a UK manufacturer can offer a custom made service which means you can get Bed Linen to fit your new bed perfectly and in a wide range of excitng fabrics.

To see a wonderful range of bed linen just click here


Bed Linen for Unusual Sized Beds

By , June 23, 2010 9:36 am

Hard to Find Bed Linen

Owners of non-standard size beds often find that they have difficulty finding bed linen to fit. Outside of standard single, double or king size  or super king size many bedding stores both in the high street and online fail to deliver.

A bewildering range of Bed sizes

Bed manufacturers now supply beds in a bewildering range of sizes and with very varying mattress depths. Customers looking for a specific bed to meet their needs have never beeen better served. Unfortunately the bed linen industry has been very slow to respond to the change in bed sizes.The vast majority of bed linen sold in stores and online is manufactured  in the Far East and so importers only order the most common sizes for their market. If you have a unusual size bed finding bed linen to  fit properly can be a real challenge.

Correct Sized Bed Linen – For any Size or Shape Bed Linen

Happily there is a manufacturer who can supply customers with correctly sizes bed linen for their bed – whatever the size. Between the Sheets have been manufacturing Bed Linen in the UK since 1992 and selling to customers worldwide. Between the Sheets bed linen is hand crafted by our expert seamstresses in our UK factory from the finest luxury fabrics. We understand all the bed sizes worldwide and will custom make if  your bed isn’t in a huge range of bed linen we manufacture and stock as standard such as bed linen for Eastern and Californian King Beds and Euro King and Super King beds.

Bed Linen for any unusual Bed Size or Shape – made in the UK

We manufacture  fitted sheets, flats sheets, pillowcases as well as non standard duvets and duvet covers plus special bed dressings and comforters that will all enchance and complement your bed perfectly! Check out our ranges  – Click Here to View


Larger Beds are the key to a Good Night’s Sleep

By , June 16, 2010 9:16 am

UK couples sleep suffers due to small bed sizes

Our own  Between the Sheets research comparing  1000’s of bed linen orders from the UK and Europe  have found that the UK lags far behind other European countries in the size of beds we sleep in. Most of our EU neighbours stretch out in a average 160cm x 200cm bed while British sleepers in a standard double bed share a bed 4’6″ or 135cm wide. That gives the average couple only 2’3″  or 67.5cm of space each.  Such a small  sleeping space  ( a single bed is 3′ or 90cm) can really impact on the quality of sleep of couples sharing a bed.

Couples sleep much better in a bigger bed

Recent studies prove that couples sleep much better in a bigger bed – the extra space means that a partner tossing and turning during the night is far less likely to disturb their sleeping partner. The Sleep Council also recommend that beds are 6″ – 8″ longer than the sleeper. But, things are changing, with many people in the UK now opting for King, Super King and  with a little help from Ikea Euro King and Euro Super King Beds as well as American imports of Eastern King and Californian King Beds.  Mattresses are getting deeper too as consumers look for greater sleeping comfort.  

Where can I get Bed Linen for a Larger Bed?

However getting a Larger bed solves one problem and creates another. Where can you get high quality bed linen for larger and unusual sized beds?  A trawl around leading High Street retailers can prove very frustrating as most stock only standard UK sizes and a mattress depth of 8″ .

Between the Sheets  manufacture here in the UK and offer a huge range of sizes as standard and a custom service to create perfect fitting bed linen for your bed – whatever the size.

 To see all the international bed sizes that are available and learn how to measure your bed look at our Bed size page at


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