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Valentines Day surprise for your Lover?

By , January 25, 2017 2:28 pm

With Valentines Day fast approaching the question troubling many people is…..”what can I get my lover to make it an extra special day……and a night to remember?”

A  surprising and saucy answer might be  Hi Gloss PU Bed Sheets from Wiltshire based bed linen company Between the Sheets.

Visually the impact that this bedding can make to your bed room is amazing and makes a stunning stage for your Valentines Day performance!


PU sheets are really tactile, soft and comfortable and are water resistant and are fantastic when used with massage oils and gels for slippery play.

Many people think PVC when they see shiny fabrics – but PVC was widely in the 70’s and 80’s  for clothing but is far from ideal for use in bedding.

Hi- Gloss PU – polyeurathane is safe for use next to your skin, and this lovely material has a strong jersey base so these sheets are strong and soft and can  be easily machine washed.

For those who like to explore their more kinky side there is a “50 Shades” version complete with corner straps for you to add Silk ties or restraints.

Here’s some great ideas for a sexy and kinky time this Valentines Day.

  1. Enjoy the look on your partners’ face when you reveal the stunning effect it has on your bed… and them.
  2. Experience the wild sensations when you add a massage gel or oil to the mix.
  3. PU sheets are fantastic for messy food fun with whipped cream or chocolate body paint!
  4. Try the 50 shade version and take your experiences to another level.

And..…. when the funs over you can just pop into wash!

corner fitted pink

Between the Sheets have been making these super sexy sheets since 1993 and 1000’s  have been sold worldwide to lovers of the exotic. Their sexy bed sheets have been seen on TV and Hollywood movies  –  recently in a hot sex party scene in Ben Stillers  – Zoolander II.

Between  the Sheets bed  linen in other wonderful tactile fabrics like Leather, Latex and Satin so offer lots of opportunities for exploring exotic and erotic possibilities in the bedroom.

Leather Bed Linen are the ultimate in quality, sensual luxury .  Hand crafted from the finest Italian leather hides and with that great smell of real leather.

Latex Bed Linen is for those who love the dark side. For those who are truly adventurous and seek out new experiences. Latex offers a very soft, smooth, skin-like sensation.

Satin bed linen is soft, sensual, and is very popular for day to day use for those who love a tactile sleeping sensation. Satin comes in 15 colours so a colour to suit any colour scheme.



How a change of Bed Linen can spice things up in the Bedroom!

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By , September 22, 2014 3:00 pm

Many of us in long term relationships can run into a stale patches in our love lives when “the spark” that initially bought you together becomes more of a damp squib.

It might not have occurred to you that something a simple as changing your bed linen might have the desired effect and get things back on track. The regular favourite materials that bed line is commonly made from is cotton and polyester cotton mix. While these are fine materials for regular use they won’t add a zing to  bed-time if interest in each other is on the wain.

Pure Silk bed linen, especially with a Satin finish is, not surprisingly, soft and sheer so your body glides across it. It gives an immediate aurora of sensuality and sexiness which should set the scene for  some more intimate moments with your partner.  Pure Silk is undeniably expensive and, if that is a problem for you a very high quality Poly-Satin bed set has an extremely similar feel against the body so is well worth considering. The upsides of Poly Satin is that is very easy care. Dries really quickly after washing and doesn’t need ironing!

Pure Silk Bed Sheets in Black Silk For those who want to try something more there are bed sheets made from Latex rubber. Natural latex is a very soft stretchy materialwhich has a soft , smooth and shiny surface . It is highly sensual and enjoys huge popularity amongst those who have tried it.

Finally Leather Bedding is increasing in popularity. If made from the finest soft leather it is extremely comfortable to sleep in and has the added advantages of being very durable and softening and improving with use.

Whatever your choice of sensual bedding its good to know that one company has been making bed line from all these fabrics for over 20 years, If you have any questions you can phone them up and talk to a real person too. Take a look at Between the Sheets website at






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Hi Gloss PU bedding

By , November 10, 2010 2:40 pm

Our glossy Polyurethane coated sheets give you
an intoxicating tactile experience

Spice up your relationship and have more fun in the bedroom with these sensational and exotic Hi-Gloss PU Sheet.

This fantastic bedding is safe to use with most massage oils and lubricants and creates a very erotic ambience

Made from a polyurethane coating, giving a high gloss finish, on strong, stretchy polyester jersey . Often known, inaccurately, as PVC.

This unique bedding is available as Bed Sheets and Duvets, Comforters Pillow Shams and Cushions.

These sheets are durable, machine washable & minimum iron on reverse.Please don’t confuse these high quality, long-lasting bed sheets with cheap imitations which are often literally pieces of polyurethane sheet!

For more information on this fantastic bed linen CLICK HERE

Black and Blue Hi-Gloss PU Bed Linen


Bed Linen Made from Hi-Gloss PU

By , July 5, 2010 11:45 am

PU Bed Linen – Shiny and Sexy

The wildest bed linen on the planet!  Shiny and Sexy PU Bedding. PU Bed linen is made from a sensational fabric which is second to none for its eye-catching shinyness. PU  bedding has a super soft shiny surface and create an  exotic ambience and a truly erotic. The fabric is sometimes incorrectly descibed as PVC .

PU sheets  are completely waterproof and are great to use with massage oils and body lotions. They are completely washable at 40C  and so are very easy care.

Buy only PU. Not PVC

Do take care when purchasing PU sheets  – especially from auction sites. Often described as PVC sheets unscrupulous dealers sell cheap plastic sheeting which is far from exotic!

PU on a Jersey Base

Make sure the Bed Linen you buy is described as  PU on a Polyester Jersey Base. The Jersey base is stretchy and so adds to the beautiful soft feeling of High Gloss PU bedding. The best quality bed linen is not only made in Flat sheets but in Fitted Sheets, Pillow Cases, Duvet Covers and Comforters and Pillow Shams too.

To find out more about Hi-Gloss PU bed linen Just Click Here

Sexy Blue and Black PU Bed Set


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