UK Move into Larger Beds

By , January 24, 2011 1:07 pm

Growth in Larger Bed Sizes

A recent report in the  UK has reported a 45pc growth in 2010 in sales of king-size and super-king sized beds. The sales growth of larger beds appears to be on an ever upward trend with sales of even larger beds such as the Regal sounding  Emperor (7 foot wide) and even Caesar Size (8 foot wide).

Standard Double Beds on the way out

Realistically most homes can accommodate a Super King Size Bed  which is 183cm x 200cm(6′ wide 6′ 6″ long). This sounds like a very large bed but it affords just the same space as 2 single beds placed together.Compare that to say a standard Double Bed at 135cm wide (4’6″) and you can begin to see why people are trading up to larger beds. We are also much taller and heavier than our parents and grandparents  so it seems that the days of the Standard Double Bed are numbered.

Bed Functionality Changing

There is also another trend at work here. With the bed dominating more space in the bedroom, the functionality of it is evolving.  With people using their bed much more to watch television, listen to music or use their laptop.

Beds Getting Deeper Too

While beds are certainly getting wider and  longer the mattresses are getting deeper. Often much deeper. The growing popularity of Mattress Toppers is accelerating the trend. The standard mattress depth is 20cm (8″).
 It is now common for mattresses to be 26 cm (10″) , 32cm (12 “)  or 35cm (14″) deep and 16” deep and deeper is not unusual.

UK Bed Linen Manufacturer has the answer

Getting bed linen to fit bigger deeper beds can prove difficult and frustrating with many High Street Stores failing to stock bed linen for larger beds. Happily UK based manufacturers such as Between the Sheets make bed linen for any size or shape of beds. They can even discuss your particular requirements over the phone or you can order online at


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