How do I get fitted sheets to fit my bed properly?

By , February 15, 2011 11:59 am

Finding Sheets to fit my bed

Many people experience difficulties when trying to find the correct fitted sheets to fit their bed. Often people buy fitted sheets and then find they are too large or too small to correctly fit their mattress. Often the problem arises with cheap bed linen. Manufactured in huge quantities the sizing is at best approximate and there is little  quality control.

To ensure you get bed linen to fit properly you need to buy from a manufacturer of quality bed linen. But before you buy you must carefully measure your bed.

How to measure your bed

Check out our handy page showing how to measure your bed and many of the UK, Euro, US and world sizes of Bed linen that we stock as standard at We even manufacture and stock that hard to find bed linen to fit your Ikea Bed.

And no matter if you can’t find the right size for your bed because as leading UK Manufacturers – Between the Sheets can make for all sizes and all shapes of beds here in our Wiltshire factory.

Please check out our Video Showing how to measure your bed to make sure you get bed linen to fit.


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