Finding Bed Sheets to fit your bed. Do your sheets “ping off” during the night

By , January 8, 2014 11:35 am

Do you suffer the frustration of having your fitted sheet “pinging off” during the night. You wake up and find that one or more of the corners of your fitted sheet have come off the mattress during the night. At the best its a regular irritant and at worst you  have to disentangle yourself each morning . The reason that this is such a common problem is that mattresses on beds have got deeper and most companies that make bed linen are still making sheets that are too shallow for the new deeper mattresses. Added to that the vast majority of bed linen is manufactured in the far east and importers have to buy shipments of finished bed sheets by the container full . This means they generally only buy fitted sheets for one depth of mattress and for standard bed sizes only.

This creates a problem for consumers as today’s beds are made with deeper mattresses and toppers. The advent of Ikea throughout the world (they only make beds and mattresses in Swedish sizes) and other international brands mean that the “Double” bed  you buy is not a UK Double but may be an EU Double. They are not the same size! Happily help is at hand. Jane Allen the Bed Linen Expert at Between the Sheets explains.” We make bed sheets to fit any size or shape of Mattress and Bed. Simply let us know the width , length and depth of your Mattress and we guarantee to make bed sheets that will fit your bed. Look at to see how we can help”



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