Deep Fitted Sheets

By , June 16, 2010 12:04 pm

Deep Fitted Sheets for Deeper Mattresses

Bed Manufacturers are making mattresses deeper and deeper. Not so very long ago almost all bed mattresses were a standard 20cm  8″ deep. In recent years they have been getting deeper and deeper. The trend to having mattress toppers as an accessory adds to the depth. This is fine and means greater sleeping comfort. But, and it’s quite a big but – where can you find fitted sheets that are the correct  size for these deeper mattresses and don’t ‘ping’ off?  Most high street and online retailers only stock 8″ or 10″ deep fitted sheets.

Deep fitted sheets for any size bed

Just a very few specialist bed linen manufacturers have responded to these changes – foremost amongst them UK based Between the Sheets. They offer fitted sheets for mattresses up to 35cm 14″ deep as standard and will custom make fitted sheets for any depth of mattress.

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