Buying a Mattress, what you need to know.

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Selecting and Buying a new mattress

The life of a Bed Mattress is approximately 10 years. After that time even very good quality mattresses will begin to deteriorate and fail to give the support necessary for comfortable and refreshing sleep. The cost of a new mattress is substantially less than a new bed so it makes good sense to go for a replacement mattress. There are 3 main tyes of mattresses available.

Open spring mattress

The most widely used springing system worldwide. The mattress has a firm edge, Border rod or wire gives and helps retain its shape. Sides are usuallymachine stitched.

Pocket spring mattress

More luxurious than the open spring mattresses and a lot heavier. Pocket Sprung Mattresses are constructed with many small springs(600 – 1000) housed in separate fabric pockets.
Springs work independently to respond to individual body weight. These mattresses require regular turning to ensure even wear on the springs. They are heavy so these mattresses are not suitable  for those people who would find turning a heavy mattress a challenge.These mattresses are usually stitched  by hand do that the sides have strong, stable edges.

Memory Foam

The sleepers Body heat reacts with the foam to soften it. The mattress then moulds and re-moulds to the sleepers’ contours.They provide excellent support and enables natural movement during sleep. They help to  align spine horizontally when lying on your side and so maintain correct posture.They are Hypo-allergenic with anti-microbial properties. To distribute the wear evenly rotation is necessary occasionally.

Some people find turning and moving on a Memory Foam mattress difficult. A simple sollution is to use a Satin Sheet on the bed. Satin has a slidy surface which reduces friction and makes turning mcuh easier. More information on Satin sheets can be found here.  Satin Sheets for ease of movement

How to select a mattress

Measure the size of your bed frame and determine what size mattress you need.
Single bed mattresses measure 99 x 190 cm  (36 x 75 inches ). 
Double Bed mattresses measure137 x 190 cm  (54 x 75 inches)
King sized mattresses measure 153 x 203 cm  (60 x 78 inches ).
 Super King sized mattresses measure 180 x 200 cm (72 x 78 inches)
For all UK, US, Euro Bed Sizes  take a look at our bed size page Click Here to View

Selecting your Mattress

Decide what type of mattress is best for you by visiting a mattress showroom and testing out all the different types of mattresses. For those who want a firm bed that is still comfortable,
 a pillow top mattress can provide a layer of softness on top of an already firm mattress.Memory foam mattresses tend to be firm but will mould to the shape of your body,
 offering individualized support. If you do not suffer from any back or neck problems, you can choose a mattress that’s as soft as you’re comfortable with.

Reducing Back Pain with the correct Mattress

 Firm mattresses are often recommended for people with back problems, though often a medium-firm mattresses is better for people suffering from lower back pain.If you suffer from any discomfort in your back, consult a doctor or osteopath to help you select the best mattress for your condition.Do your mattress testing in a store that has a wide variety of brands in their  showroom display, ranging from soft to firm, so you can test all your options before making a decision.Lie on any mattress you are seriously considering for at least 15 minutes.  The longer you test the mattress the better an idea you will have of how good your night’s sleep will be.


Comparison shop. Mattresses are available in a variety or price ranges,and it pays to check  online as well as shops.If a mattress feels good to you, lie on your back and try to slide your hand under your lower back. If it slides in easily, the mattress may be too firm and may create discomfort in your neck, back and shoulders.

If rolling over on the mattress takes a great deal of effort, the mattress may be  too soft for you.

If moving around on the mattress has any spring noise, it indicates that the mattress is poorly constructed and should  be rejected.

Mattress Depth

Standard mattresses are 20cm (8″) deep. In recent years mattresses are becoming much deeper. The trend to having mattress toppers as an accessory adds to the depth. This is fine and means greater sleeping comfort. But – where can you find fitted sheets that are the correct  size for these deeper mattresses  and fit properly?   Most high street and online retailers only stock 8″ or 10″ deep fitted sheets.

Deep fitted sheets

UK based Between the Sheets manufacture and supply deep fitted sheets for any size or depth of mattress. They offer fitted sheets for mattresses up to 35cm 14″ deep as standard and will custom make fitted sheets for any size or shape bed you wish.

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