Keep Cool at Night

By , May 25, 2012 9:51 am

Keep Cool at Night with Bamboo Bed Linen

Overheating in bed or “Night Sweats” is a common condition affecting 40% or more of us. The causes of night sweats are very varied and for most people are an occasional inconvenience. But for many it is a continuing problem which can cause, embarassement, discomfort and interfere with sleeps natural rythms.

Bamboo the New Fabric

Many people find that natural fabrics like Silk help in this regard. Now there is a new fabric which surpasses even Silk in it’s ability to keep you cool at night.

Bamboo has superb properties of moisture absorbence and wicking . 100% Bamboo Bed Linen is the most effective bed linen to help combat night sweats.

Breathable Fabric

Breathable with temperature control. Bamboo fibre has millions of tiny micro-gaps and micro-holes that make it excellent at moisture absorption and ventilation. This unparalleled microstructure means that bamboo fibre has natural wicking capabilities . Keeping you cool – comfort sleeping the year round.

From Plant to Super Soft Fabric

It may seem strange that the woody plant  that we all know can make a luxurious, soft fabric but it does!  It is produced in a similar way to other natural plant based fabrics. The plant material is pulped releasing the cellulose . The pulp is then refined,  spun into a soft yarn and woven into fabric of luxurious quality.

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