Silk Or Satin Pillow Cases For Preventing Face Creases

By , November 10, 2016 11:56 am

How To Prevent Face Creasing

This is such a simple solution to the dreaded face crease. A silk or satin pillow case is the perfect solution if you’re waking up with deep creases on your face. If you’re over forty you’ll find they can be hanging around for the rest of the day! The elasticity in our skin decreases as we age. Whereas when we were in our twenties or thirties even, a crease in the morning would be gone in an hour or so, now we have no such luck!

how to prevent morning face creases

So how can a pillow case effect our skin in a positive way?

Satin and silk do not cause face creasing as the fabric is so smooth and slippery, making it perfect if you are finding creasing an issue. Unlike cotton, your face won’t scrunch up, and it won’t crease. That’s the theory and it’s a sound one as it goes. Satin and silk also contain natural proteins that are good for the skin and hair. Although these pillow cases will set you a back a little, it really is a sound investment in beauty. The quality of these beautiful pillow cases means they’ll last and last. Make sure you look after them though. Wash them at a suitable temperature.

There are of course many other ways to help prevent wrinkles as well as creasing although they don’t work for everyone. A pillow case is the perfect solution. Not only does it prevent face creasing, it also helps to stave off wrinkles in general as the more you age, the more likely those creases are to become permanent fixtures.

pillow cases to stop wrinkles

Sleep On Your Back To Prevent Ageing

Another great tip is simply to sleep on your back. This is not the easiest habit to get into but it is a solution. If you practise this each night then eventually it will be a comfortable position for you. The worst position is on your front with your face squished onto your pillow. Not only does this promote face creasing, it can also damage your neck.

Anti Ageing Creams And Serums

Some of these are better than others. The thing is that when you have a deep crease there isn’t much to be done, however good the product claims to be. A great tip for preventing lines in the first place is simply to apply some vaseline. Dab a small bit onto the area you’re trying to save and leave it there over night. So simple and so cost effective! As we get older we tend to start believing all of the outrageous anti-ageing claims made by some beauty companies. It’s like we are clutching at straws hoping that the next thing really is the magic potion we’ve been hoping for when really a tub of Nivea would probably work just as well!

Prevention Rather Than Cure

So when it comes down to it, it’s better to stop the creases from forming in the first place. Using a satin pillow case comes with a small upfront cost but once you have it we wager you won’t go back.

Collagen is not so abundant as we age and the lack of this is what causes our skin to lose it’s tone and elasticity. If we can hold off the lines for a while longer then let’s look at proven ways of doing just that.

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