How to prevent overheating in bed at night

By , March 2, 2016 1:31 pm



Do you suffer from overheating during the night? It is a very common problem with a variety of causes.

Using memory foam mattresses can cause many people to overheat at night.

Hot flushes as a symptom of the menopause.

extreme overheating and night sweats caused by illness or medication.

For many suffers the effects can  be substantial with disturbed sleep and tiredness adding to the misery and discomfort.

Now there is a simple solution which can transform peoples sleeping experience. Bamboo Bed Linen has some very special attributes which make it ideal for people who overheat at night.

Bamboo fabric is often known as the “cooling fabric” because the unique structure of bamboo fabric contains millions of tiny holes which allow moisture and heat to wick away from your body as you sleep.

This is what our customers have told us about changing to Bamboo Bed Linen and Bedding.

I love our bamboo bedding! We started with duvet covers and pillow cases and have now gone for fitted sheets and a duvet! The fabric is so lovely and silky and the duvet is fabulous. It is quite thin yet feels fairly heavy…but sleeping under it is great! No more overheating and kicking off the covers…it seems to adjust perfectly to the person’s body temperature even with two of you in the same bed! And the fact it so eco friendly is even better. If you are considering buying bamboo bedding then go for it. It is fairly pricey but worth every penny! Great bamboo sheets, really lovely!  Fantastic fast service and lovely packaging as well!

I placed a second order with you yesterday?. After reading reviews on bamboo and how it helps to alleviate overheating I wanted replacement bedding to help me to sleep better. I have not been disappointed, I wanted to try it for a while before responding. We are extremely impressed with the bamboo duvet set, it feels luxurious and cool and I am sleeping much more comfortably, so have decided I will gradually replace all my old duvets and sheets to bamboo.

These are just two of the very many satisfied customers who have discovered the real benefits of sleeping in 100% Bamboo Bed Linen. Learn more about what  Bamboo Bedding can do for you . Just click here



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