Bamboo Bed Linen and Bedding aid restful sleep

By , February 29, 2016 4:16 pm

Get a Good Nights’ sleep with Bamboo Bed Linen

Your choice of Bed Linen can make a real difference to how well you sleep.  Bamboo Bed Linen can help in many ways to give you a natural sleep.

Sleep better with Bamboo Bed Linen


What  Bed Linen you choose can make a substantial difference to how well you sleep. Get a natural , restful sleep with Organic Bamboo Bed Linen.

Firstly – 100% Bamboo is breathable an, it actually helps control your body temperature whilst you sleep. There are millions of tiny micro-gaps in Bamboo fibre and it is these that make it excellent at moisture absorption and ventilation. This microstructure is unparalleled in other fabrics and it means that bamboo fibre has natural wicking capabilities – keeping you warm in winter and cool in Summer. Bamboo gives year round comfort


Secondly  Bamboo Bed Linen is ideal for  allergy prone or sensitive  skin. 100% Bamboo threads are very fine and create a smooth and soothing fabric. As a natural product Bamboo Fabric is Hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, biodegradable and totally sustainable. Mnay people who experience allergic reactions in bed from poly-cotton bed linen get instant relief when switching to Bamboo Bed Linen.

Stays Fresher  – Longer

Thirdly Bamboo Plants contain a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial component – Bamboo Kuhn. Bamboo fabric stays fresh as and these properties are retained throughout processing– staying fresher longer.

Beautiful Sleeping Environment

Finally the beautiful texture of Bamboo Bed Linen is soft and silky to the touch and creates a beautiful and restful sleeping environment.

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