How a change of Bed Linen can spice things up in the Bedroom!

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By , September 22, 2014 3:00 pm

Many of us in long term relationships can run into a stale patches in our love lives when “the spark” that initially bought you together becomes more of a damp squib.

It might not have occurred to you that something a simple as changing your bed linen might have the desired effect and get things back on track. The regular favourite materials that bed line is commonly made from is cotton and polyester cotton mix. While these are fine materials for regular use they won’t add a zing to  bed-time if interest in each other is on the wain.

Pure Silk bed linen, especially with a Satin finish is, not surprisingly, soft and sheer so your body glides across it. It gives an immediate aurora of sensuality and sexiness which should set the scene for  some more intimate moments with your partner.  Pure Silk is undeniably expensive and, if that is a problem for you a very high quality Poly-Satin bed set has an extremely similar feel against the body so is well worth considering. The upsides of Poly Satin is that is very easy care. Dries really quickly after washing and doesn’t need ironing!

Pure Silk Bed Sheets in Black Silk For those who want to try something more there are bed sheets made from Latex rubber. Natural latex is a very soft stretchy materialwhich has a soft , smooth and shiny surface . It is highly sensual and enjoys huge popularity amongst those who have tried it.

Finally Leather Bedding is increasing in popularity. If made from the finest soft leather it is extremely comfortable to sleep in and has the added advantages of being very durable and softening and improving with use.

Whatever your choice of sensual bedding its good to know that one company has been making bed line from all these fabrics for over 20 years, If you have any questions you can phone them up and talk to a real person too. Take a look at Between the Sheets website at






Lack of Sleep Epidemic hits UK

By , September 15, 2014 10:16 am

In the last 5 years the number of adults not getting the recommended  7 hours of sleep has soared from 38% to over 60% !

This dramatic rise in sleeplessness is a real threat to individuals  health. While some people so certainly function well and stay healthy on  less sleep the vast majority of people  need at least 7 hours sleep specialists agree.

One of the  causes of this rapid rise of sleep problems  it has been suggested is the use of mobiles and tablets late in the evening. These emit light from the blue end  of the spectrum. Light which can play havoc with melatonin levels. Melatonin it has been shown control our sleep patterns so changes in levels of melatonin can  seriously effect the quality of sleep we experience.

So it is  probably wise not to use phones and tablets an hour before going to bed to give you a good chance of getting a great night’s sleep.

Pure Silk Satin Pillowcases UK

For more great ways to get a great nights sleep





How to find Bed Linen to fit your new bed

By , September 3, 2014 11:33 am

Can’t find Bed Linen to fit

Many people are finding that when their lovely new bed is delivered they can’t find any bed linen to fit properly.  No matter where they look they find only standard bed sized bed linen.

Too many bed sizes

Beds used to be made in the country that they were going to be  used . Almost every country has slightly different bed sizes. For instance all Scandanavian countries have longer beds as the average user is somewhat taller than other Europeans. That is why standard UK sheets don’t fit Ikea beds. Today, due to globalisation you may find that your new bed  is not a standard UK size and  bed linen that fits is almost impossible to  find.

The UK bed linen industry has in general failed to respond to this issue and stubbornly only produce standard UK sizes. If you buy an unusual size bed you will  find sourcing bed linen almost impossible.

 Where can I find bed linen to fit my  bed?

Happily there is a  UK  based bed  linen manufacturer specialising in producing bed linen to fit any size or shape of  bed.
Selling Worldwide  – Between the Sheets have been manufacturing Bed Linen in the UK for over 22 years.

Between the Sheets expert seamstresses hand craft bespoke bed linen in our UK factory from the finest luxury fabrics. We have huge experience of all the bed sizes worldwide and will custom make bed linen for you personally if  your bed isn’t in a huge range of bed linen we manufacture and stock as standard such as bed linen for Eastern and Californian King Beds and Euro King and Super King beds.

Made in the UK – Bed Linen for any Bed, no matter what size!

We manufacture  fitted sheets, flats sheets, pillowcases as well as non standard duvets and duvet covers  for any size or shape of bed . Just get in touch with your bed’s dimensions and we will make beautiful bed linen to fit. Its as simple as that. Check out or website at



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