Silk Bed Linen, the benefits to your Health

By , April 9, 2013 2:17 pm

Silk Sheets ooze sophistication and sensuality . The tangible opulence of Pure Silk Bed Linen is a constant reminder to those who are lucky enough to possess them  what beautiful bed linen it is. Soft, Strong yet light and smooth to the touch.

Health Benefits

But Silk Bed Linen is not only wonderful to sleep in . Regularly using Pure Silk Sheets  on your bed has some real benefits to your well-being and health.

Silk is a natural product which is made of proteins and amino acids so working with your skin and never causing and chafffing or dryness.

Silk is Hypoallergenic and is inhospitable to dust mites. Fewer Dust mites = fewer allergic reactions. Ideal for Asthma and Eczema sufferers.

As a natural fabric it wicks away moisture whilst you sleep and regulates heat so keeping you warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

Many users claim that the soft satin finish of the Silk is kinder to your face. Not catching and pulling on the skin and so reduces the formation of wrinkles.

This is also true of Hair which glides across the smooth silk so reducing the “Bed Head” effect.

And of course a wonderful night’s sleep in your Silk Bed Sheets will help keep you fit healthy and looking great.


Come and have a look at more information on  our Silk Bed Linen Range


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Silk Bed Linen – Made in the UK

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Many people love the idea of sleeping in Pure Silk Bed Linen. For thousands of years only the Chinese Emperor and his court could experience the unique comfort and softness of Pure Silk. Gradually the secrets of Silk made their way along the Silk Road and out into the world and by the 2oth century Pure Silk was widely used for fashion clothing. Silk bed linen was still a well kept secret and only available from the most expensive stores around the world.

It wasn’t until the early 90’s that a young Bed Linen Designer – Jane Allen of Between the Sheets began to make Pure Silk Bed Linen in the UK. She went to China and sourced Pure Mulberry Satin Silk Fabric directly , and uniquely, imported the Silk fabric on the roll to the UK to make the bed linen in her own Wiltshire workshops. She took care to source  100% Pure Mulberry Satin Silk, A grade long  staple silk, 19 momme and 400 thread count which has been used for centuries to make Silk Bed Linen in China for the elite.

Nearly 25 years later  Between the Sheets is still the only UK manufacturer of Pure Silk Bed Linen -creating beautiful Silk bed Linen for your Home.
As a manufacturer Between the Sheets can custom make bed linen to fit any shape of Bed – Worldwide. Look at the wonderful range of colours here

Silk rose 2

Handcrafted in the UK. Pure Silk Bed Linen


Buying Latex Sheets for your bed – What to look for and what to avoid

By , April 4, 2013 1:59 pm

 What to look out for when buying Latex Sheets for your bed

If you are looking for latex bed linen there are a few things you should look out for. 100% Natural Latex Rubber Bed Linen is made from Latex tapped from Rubber Trees. Once processed latex has unique properties of a superb tactile fabric soft and sensual to the touch and that wonderful latex smell. Some suppliers are now offering Chlorinated latex. This is great for clothes as it makes them much easier to take on and off. It does however make the latex lose some of its tactile qualities and that lovely smell has gone.


You too can enjoy the delicious sensations and smell of real natural latex bed sheets, latex duvet covers and latex pillow cases b-buyonline

Be Careful Don’t buy cheap latex products

Beware Cheap Latex Beware of apparently cheap bed sheets on auction sites. Often these are made of poor quality latex cut straight from the roll. This latex sheeting often comes direct fron China or Malaysia and is of variable quality and thickness. Quite often you will find these sheets delivered to you covered in talc straight from the manufacturing process. It takes time and skill to clean the talc from latex sheets like this without damaging the delicate surface of the latex.

Don’t buy Neoprene or PVC

On occasions you will find sheets described as latex that are actually made from man made rubber such as neoprene and even PVC. These are best avoided as they will give neither the fantastic latex feel nor the wonderful smell of natural Latex. What to look for for when choosing Latex Bed Linen High Quality Latex Rubber Bed Linen should be made with a thickness of the rubber 43/.50mm, a medium weight for durability, strength and a wonderful drape. The best quality latex bed linen should only be made from latex sheeting 2 metres wide to ensure that there are no centre seams.

Buy UK made for Quality

The finest latex sheeting is only made in the UK. It is the finest sheet latex in the world and has been the leading favourite of lovers of latex since the 1960’s. The finest quality Latex bed linen is fully finished and hemmed to the highest standard including flat sheets. All fitted sheets should be fully fitted and elasticated to properly fit your mattress. The best Latex bedding is hand made to fit different bed sizes around the world. Leading Manufacture of Exotic Bed Linen Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets is the world’s leading manufacture of exotic bed dressings. Producing the finest latex bed linen available. Hand crafted in the UK we have been supplying true connoisseurs of Latex around the globe since 1992 – over 21 years and still going strong! Not only do we manufacture great fitted and flat sheets but we make pillow cases and duvet covers and comforters too. For more information on Latex Rubber Bed Sheets Please Click Here



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