Custom made Bed Linen for Unusual Beds

By , October 23, 2012 9:26 am

Any one who owns  an unusual bed will know the frustration of trying to find bed linen to fit.  A visit to you local department store will not  help as the bedding you find there will invariably be in standard sizes and they will not fit properly any bed that doesn’t fall in to those sizes. It doesn’t get much better if you search on the internet. Countless companies offer the same small range of sizes all imported, ready made from the far east .

For any one owning an antique bed , or a very large or unsual shaped bed or require bed linen for their boat, yacht or RV the answer is bespoke bedding made to match their precise requirements.

There are only a handful of companies that manufacture bed linen in the UK and of those even fewer companies will custom make bed linen to your beds precise dimensions.  Between the Sheets , based in Devizes , Wiltshire have been making Custom made bed linen for over 20 years. They offer ranges in lovely Natural fabrics such as Mulberry Silk and Organic Bamboo as well as lots of other beautiful tactile fabrics. Click here to learn more





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