How to Care for Pure Silk Bed Linen

By , April 18, 2012 2:31 pm

Silk care instructions
Pure silk is available as bed sheets in several different weaves and finishes. Our 100% pure SATIN SILK has that glossy Hollywood look you have seen in the movies. It is cool in summer – absorbing your body moisture as you sleep, and it has insulating properties to keep you warm in winter.

Silk is the most luxurious fibre in the world. The weaving of the fabric may contain minor irregularities, these are characteristic of fine silk yarn which gives the fabric its beauty, lustre and texture and should be not be treated as defects.

We only use the finest quality Mulberry Silk. This silk has a thread count of 400 and a weight of 19 momme – 86 gm per sq m.

We make our pure silk duvet covers, fitted sheets and pillow cases ‘oversized’ by approx 3% to allow the silk fibres to shrink slightly during its first 1/2 washes. This also closes the fibres together giving the silk strength. Please remember that silk is a most delicate fabric and must be treated with loving care to preserve its fine texture and softness. To find more information on the History and qualities of Silk Click Here. 

1. We recommend  either hand washing or dry cleaning the silk bedding for the first 2/3 times will preserve the gloss of the satin and will also soften the silk fibres. There will be some colour loss especially the darker tones, buy this will lessen over the initial launderings.
2. We recommend hand washing at 30ºC. Our silk can be machined washed at 30ºC. TAKE CARE THAT YOUR MACHINE HAS A 30ºC DELICATES CYCLE and use a good Silk washing agent (many are available in good supermarkets). Never use detergents as these will make the silk fibres brittle. Fabric conditioner may be used in the final rinse. Top Tip  Add a drop of vinegar to the final rinse to aid removal of any washing agent and to give a super shine to the fabric.
3. Most modern washing machines have a ‘Delicate’ cycle at 30ºC, ensure that this includes a reduced spin cycle . Do not bleach, scrub or wring the sheets.
4. Shake off excess water from the sheets and air dry. We do not recommend tumble drying as this tends to heat and crease the fibres, again making the fibres brittle so shortening the life of the silk sheets.
5. Do not dry in sunlight or near radiators. Sunlight will fade silk, especially deeper shades.
6. Silk should not be allowed to get too soiled before cleaning, keep the sheets fresh and in good condition with regular cleaning.
7. Satin Silk may also be dry cleaned. Choose your dry-cleaner carefully, preferably one that you have previously used for silk (or one that has been recommended to you) and make sure that they can clean silk properly. Incorrect dry cleaning can damage your sheets.
8. When still damp cool iron on reverse with gentle steam, if required.
9. Use a good mattress protector or soft blanket under the fitted sheet.
10. Be aware that rough skin on heels , broken and chipped toe nails and even strong hairs on legs can cause excessive wear and pull threads on Silk Sheets.
11. Top Tip 1 – Fitted sheets get the hardest wear in normal use. Try rotating the sheet after each washing ie. Head end to foot end and vice versa. This reduces wear at the foot end of your fitted sheet and can substantially prolong the life of your sheets.
12 Top Tip 2 – To remove protein based stains e.g. Blood use a light sprinkling of Baking Powder and moisten stain and it will come away.


TIP for ironing fitted sheets
Have a good mattress protector on your mattress and when you come to iron the fitted sheet, put the fitted sheet inside out on top of the mattress protector and iron the sheet in situ. That way you will get a good finish at the corners and down the sides of the sheet. When done, turn the sheet over to the right side.

You will have many years of delight in your silk sheets if you follow the instructions above.

100% Pure Silk Satin Comforters

Our Pure Silk Satin Comforters are made with 100% Pure Silk Satin top and filled with 100% Polyester Fleece filling. The reverse is made with Cotton/ Polyester material –  Cotton 65% and 35% Polyester. DRY CLEAN ONLY. Or Gentle Earth on a gentle cycle. Choose your dry-cleaner carefully, preferably one that you have previously used for silk (or one that has been recommended to you) and make sure that they can clean silk properly.


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