Flat Bed Sheets

By , September 20, 2011 10:05 am

At Between the Sheets the flat sheet is not just that !!!!

 The flat sheet not only drapes over your body as a top sheet to sleep under at night but when purchased ‘oversized’and draped over your whole be  becomes a ‘bed dressing’ by day, just top it off with a few cushions in contrasting tones and textures and you have a really classy bedroom statement !

 Flat sheets, in all our soft drape fabrics (pure silk, poly satin, velvet,) have fully finished edges and a deep cuff with our characteristic ‘shell’ stitching.

 In particular leather, High Gloss PVC and latex flat sheets offer themselves as throws for sofas and chairs as well as a top sheet in bed; again, a few cushions make the mood change complete.

 The poly satin flat sheets are wonderful as window dressing, so soft and floaty and easy to change the feeling of a room by throwing the flat sheet over a curtain pole and allowing the soft drape and shine of the fabric to glow in the natural window light. Use a string of glass beads as a tie back.

 Latex and High Gloss PVC flat sheets can be used as 4 poster drapes


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