Extra Large Bed Linen for Large Beds

By , July 27, 2011 10:16 am

Extra Large Beds need Extra Large Bed Linen

Very large beds are becoming more and more popular worldwide with Californian Kings, Emperor Size and even larger sizes. Bed mattresses are getting deeper and deeper and more round and shaped beds are being sold than ever before.

But how do I find Bed Linen to Fit?

Unfortunately it is very difficult to find bed linen to  fit larger beds. Most retailers only stock standard items and cannot get bed linen to fit larger beds . The answer is to buy your bed linen direct from a manufacturer. A quality bed linen manufacturer has the ability to provide a custom service so, whatever size or shape they can supply bed linen that will fit properly.

Get Bed Linen for any Size or Shape of Bed Here

To get Exclusive, Luxury Bed Linen for the Larger Bed including UK Super King, Euro Super King, Water Beds, US Eastern King, US Californian King, Round Beds, Emperor Beds, Giant Beds, Antique Beds, Custom Beds and Bed Linen for Yachts take a look at this site. Between the Sheets are based in the UK and  stock larger bed sizes as standard. They also offer a custom service.    Click Here to View


Is eczema a problem for you?

By , July 20, 2011 12:25 pm

Bamboo Bed Linen Helps ease the Symptoms of Eczema

Using Bamboo Bed Linen can really help in subduing the  symptoms of eczema. Many hundreds of people are now experiencing the relief that comes from using our wonderful Bamboo Bed Linen. Its grown naturally and has some amazing properties.It has huge advantages over cotton – Bamboo is softer, stronger, more lustrous, and three times more absorbent than cotton – it wicks away moisture, so it is cool in Summer and warm in Winter. The softness is ideal for babies and those with sensitive skin, eczema or allergic skin conditions.  Has a soothing effect on irritating Skin Conditions such as eczema.  Naturally anti bacterial and anti static and highly dust mite resistant – ideal  for those prone to allergies and asthma.

We get some lovely letters back from our customers. This one really touched us:-

” My daughter is ten months and has eczema. She has taken to sleeping on her front and rubbing her face on the sheets! We were using 100% cotton sheets and in the morning her cheeks would be red like the skin was burned. Since using the bamboo cot sheets her face looks lovely in the morning!

Thank you for a wonderful product, I would happily recommend these sheets to anyone with a skin condition or without.” W.S   UK

If you have an issue with eczema or any irittating skin condition, click  here for more information.

Bamboo Bed Linen and Bedding Perfect for Children and those with a sensitive skin.

Bamboo Bed Linen and Bedding Perfect for Children and those with a sensitive skin


Between the Sheets Sleep Advice 6

By , July 5, 2011 3:04 pm

Create the routine of  regular bedtime and wake up time

  • Make a habit of going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, even on days off and weekends. This helps  your body clock to keep to these times. Resisting the urge for a lie-in can really help in keeping you alert throughout the day.
  • If you haven’t slept well, don’t  sleep in longer than normal,  getting up at your normal time keeps your body in its normal wake-up routine.
  • Remember that  even after only four hours of sleep the brain has gained many of the important benefits.

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