Satin Pillowcases uk

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Satin Pillow Cases

If you are looking for Satin pillowcases you have come to the right place for information. The first thing you need to know is that the tem “Satin” doesn’t mean a fabric.  It is actually the term for a weave.

Satin Weave

The satin weave is made with four or more  weft yarns floating over a warp yarn or vice versa. This explains the even shine typical of satin, as unlike in other weaves, the light hitting the fabric is reflected making it shiny.

Satin when applied to a fabric usually means Pure Silk or Polyester Satin. If you buy Satin Pillowcases of  good quality Poly Satin you will get a lovely silky pillowcase which will be soft and sensual to the touch. Polyester Satin pillowcases are easy care and can be machined washed at 40C.

Pure Silk Satin

For a real touch of Luxury choose Pure Silk Satin Pillowcases. They are beautiful to sleep on and are a real beauty aid – preventing the formation of wrinkles and stopping that ‘bedhead’ look first thiing in the morning.

Satin Pillow cases for Beautiful Hair

The special weave of the satin makes the fabric soft and your skin and hair just glide over the surface when you move. Cotton and similar fabrics by comparison catch and snag your delicate skin and pull at your  hair causing it to frizz.

To find out more about Beautiful Satin Pillowcases from a UK manufacturer Just Click Here

Pure Silk Satin Pillowcases UK


Mulberry Silk Pillow Cases for Beautiful Hair and Skin

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Mulberry Silk Pillow Cases and aid to beauty

What is a wonderful beauty aid that will prevent the formation of wrinkles, protect your skin during sleep and prevent your hair getting that ‘bedhead’ look in the morning?

It’s a simple pillowcase –  but made from  extraordinary luxurious Pure Mulberry Silk. Only the finest silk will do and the greatest benefits are found when using Silk Pillow Cases  hand-crafted from the most exquisite 100% Pure Chinese finest A grade long fibre Satin Mulberry Silk

Hypo Allergenic Fibre

Our Pure Silk Bed Linen is  an Hypoallergenic  fibre. Silk is a natural, breathable fabric which wicks away moisture, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, aiding restful sleep. Silk is gentle on the skin. The unique properties of silk means  that your skin glides across the pillow case as you turn at night. Using a silk pillow case  slows down skin aging signs and keeps your hair looking great.

 Silk bed linen is beneficial for a whole host of skin ailments and is a recommended for the prevention and treatment of allergies. Our Vanilla White silk is particularly suitable being natural and undyed.

To  find lots more information on Silk Pillowcases and Silk Bed Linen Just Click Here

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King Size Bed

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King Sized Beds

Many people when asked will say they have a King Sized bed. However there are several King Bed sizes that may cause you some confusion. If you bought your bed from Ikea you will find that it is a European King and it is possible that you have an American Eastern King or even a Californian King.

To help you will find  the common  sizes of King Beds below.  The fitted sheets size will be the same as your mattress size.  You may have a deeper than standard mattress and you will find lots more information on all bed sizes. Just Click Here

UK King Size Bed Measurements

  1. Fitted sheet – 150cm x 200cm x 20cm
  2. Flat sheet – 265cm x 275cm
  3. Duvet Cover – 225cm x 220cm
  4. Waterbed Fitted Sheet – 183cm x 214cm

European King Size Bed Measurements

  1. Fitted sheet – 160cm x 200cm x 20cm
  2. Flat sheet – 265cm x 275cm
  3. Duvet Cover – 240cm x 220cm
  4. Waterbed Fitted Sheet – 183cm x 214cm

Eastern King

  1. Fitted sheet – 76″ x 80″x8″
  2. Flat sheet – 110″ x 114″
  3. Duvet Cover – 102″ x 86″
  4. Comforters – 112″ x 106″

California King

  1. Fitted sheet – 73″ x 85″x8″
  2. Flat sheet – 110″ x 114″
  3. Duvet Cover – 102″ x 86″
  4. Comforters – 114″ x 106″

What size is my bed?

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Bed Sizes

Many people do not know what size bed they have. This means when they buy bed linen they find that the sheets simply do not fit. Too small so they are always pinging off during the night  or too large so they ruck up uncomfortably while you sleep.

At  Between the Sheets we are regularly asked about bed sizes. There are very many different sizes being sold all over the world so you are just as likely to find that your new bed isn’t one that is standard in your country.
This can be a problem when looking for bed linen as many stores only stock the common local sizes. As manufacturers selling worldwide we carry a huge range of bed linen to fit bed sizes from the UK, Europe, USA and other Worldwide sizes. If you can’t find the size to fit your bed we can custom make bed linen  for any size or shape of bed

How to measure your bed

Check out our handy page showing how to measure your bed and many of the UK, Euro, US and world sizes of Bed linen that we stock as standard at

And look at our video which shows you how to measure your bed  and make sure that you get the right size bedding to fit.



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